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Welcome Applicants,

If you are new to the site, please create an account. After you receive a verification email and have an account please sign in. On the next page click the "View Application" button to start a new application or select your already started application if applicable. The following 3 applications are available through this site.

1) Hillman Academy (formerly known as UPCI Academy) - All high school students over the age of 15 are eligible.

2) Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Undergraduate Internship (DDCF-UI) - UPCI Academy alumni that were supported by a Doris Duke stipend are eligible to apply.

3) Resident Adviser - All undergraduates are eligible.

We expect that those applying to the program are able to commit to the dates and will not miss multiple days without prior permission.

The application deadline for all programs is March 1st.

If you have any questions please visit our site here, or you may contact the Program Coordinator:

Solomon Livshits